Exhaust Duct Work Experts

Exhaust Duct Work Experts

You know the value of proper ventilation if you’ve ever tried to get a lovely crust on a pan of fish fillets without turning on the fan. Vent hoods remove not only lingering aromas but also moisture, grease, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other air pollutants produced during the cooking process.

These by-products may seem harmless initially, but research has linked improper cooking ventilation to poor indoor air quality, potentially harming people’s health. Homeowners are highly encouraged to build a vent hood to collect, filter, and then release the toxic gases outside through a vent in an outside wall or roof, as per the International Residential Code and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

FABCO Is Capable Of Installing The Access Panels Required To Remove Grease Off The Kitchen Exhaust Duct Work Effectively

Before providing you with an estimate for the cost of cleaning your ductwork, a good hood cleaning business will determine how many access panels (or clean-outs) your duct system has. This method differentiates a good hood cleaning company from a mediocre one.

However, FABCO thoroughly cleans your entire exhaust system, including the ductwork. It is in contrast to many hood cleaning firms, which fail to clean the ductwork because customers and fire marshals rarely inspect it. It is essential to clean the ductwork since the accumulation of grease in the ductwork can cause:

Naturally, nobody can clean ductwork without access panels, so if FABCO finds areas of ductwork that cannot be properly cleaned, you will be told the number of access panels your system needs and where those panels should be located to comply with NFPA 96. FABCO can then handle the installation of these access panels during your regularly scheduled cleaning service.

Why Is Exhaust Duct Work Important For Your Kitchen?

If you’ve ever been in a kitchen when the stovetop or oven is on, you know how important exhaust fans are to eliminate smoke and odors. But did you know that your exhaust fan isn’t the only thing working to keep your kitchen air fresh? The exhaust ductwork that carries air from your fan to the outside is just as important in keeping your kitchen free of smoke and odors.

Here’s why: when cooking, grease and other airborne particles can collect on the walls of your ductwork. These particles can build up and cause a fire if they are not removed. In addition, built-up grease and particles can lead to poor indoor air quality, which can cause respiratory problems. That’s why it’s important to have your ductwork cleaned regularly by a professional.

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